Exploring Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards in the World 2023

The most expensive keyboard


In this article, we will give you in-depth reviews of the most expensive keyboards in the world.

Keyboards have evolved from their utilitarian beginnings to become true works of art and engineering in the rapidly changing world of technology, where innovation and luxury frequently go hand in hand. There is a growing market segment for people who want the highest level of luxury in their everyday computing experiences due to the increased demand for high-end peripherals. This article explores the most expensive keyboards available today, where premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology come together to completely reimagine what a keyboard is.

1. A Visual Symphony of OLED Technology: The Optimus Maximus Keyboard

The Optimus Maximus, designed by the Russian design group Art. Lebedev, is the most expensive keyboard available. This expensive keyboard is known for its innovative use of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, despite its exorbitant price. As a tiny OLED screen, each key on the keyboard may be customized to show different icons, texts, or even animations.


The most expensive keyboards
The most expensive keyboard

Users get an incredibly dynamic and visually attractive keyboard experience because of the unmatched level of customization. The tactile, pleasing feel of the keys adds to their high-tech appearance, in addition to their striking appearance. A sought-after collector’s item for people who have an affinity for the extraordinary, the Optimus Maximus is a monument to the union of art and technology.

2. Datamancer Diviner

The Datamancer Diviner is the second-most expensive keyboard. It is a notable example of steampunk design for individuals who like the fusion of vintage style with contemporary utility. Artisan Richard “Datamancer” Nagy created this keyboard by hand, blending modern technology with the elegance of the Victorian era.

The most expensive keyboards
The most expensive keyboard

The metal framing and hand-engraved wood of the keys lend an air of vintage refinement. This expensive keyboard has a distinctive and opulent appearance because of the elaborate decorations on its brass casing. Although it functions similarly to a regular keyboard, the Datamancer Diviner is an example of the skill and imagination that can take a peripheral and turn it into something truly luxurious.

3. DataHand Pro II

The DataHand, which has a unique layout that lets users type with just the tips of their fingers, doesn’t even appear like a keyboard. Although difficult to get used to at first, user reviews indicate that it was helpful in preventing strains and injuries. This expensive keyboard was developed to prevent repetitive strain injuries from hours of typing. During an extended evaluation of the board, a reviewer disclosed that they had spent $1,200 on the DataHand and needed to take multiple weeks off work to retrain their typing skills because the device was so dissimilar from anything they had ever used.

The DataHand did appear to be more pleasant to use for intense typing, despite its steep learning curves; however, its expensive cost probably turned off some potential customers. Only a few years of the late 1990s saw the device’s production, and during the first half of the subsequent decade, updated versions were occasionally made available. Nowadays, functional units fetch prices close to the original retail price, making them cult collectors’ items.

4. Happy Hacking Professional Keyboard HG: An Amazing Minimalist

The Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HG is one of the more expensive keyboards because it is dedicated to minimalist perfection rather than using ostentatious materials or a flashy design. Fujitsu has improved the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 with the Professional HG, designed for people who appreciate efficiency and simplicity.

This expensive keyboard is made of premium materials and has a hybrid capacitive switch technology that offers a distinct and accurate typing experience. It also has an understated luxury vibe. Its small form, Topre switches, and sleek black finish enhance the keyboard’s luxury appeal. Within the realm of high-end keyboards, this minimalist masterpiece gains notoriety due to its meticulous attention to detail and functional purpose.

 5. Stealth U-9BL: A Worthwhile Expense in Typing

For anyone seeking an unmatched typing experience, the Stealth U-9BL is an expensive keyboard that is well worth the cost. The SteelSeries U-9BL is a mechanical keyboard with ten keys that is designed for both professional and gaming users.

This expensive keyboard is unique in that it uses mechanical key switches with gold contacts, which guarantee quick and precise keystrokes. Additionally, users can customize and personalize their gaming settings with the keyboard’s programmable backlit key illumination system. For those who demand the best in terms of performance and aesthetics, the U-9BL is a worthwhile investment. Its overall durability and comfort, enhanced by its detachable wrist rest and aircraft-grade aluminum top panel, make it stand out.

6. iKey DT-5K-FSR-IS

Considering that the iKey DT-5K-FSR-IS costs more than most people’s PCs, it doesn’t seem like much of a keyboard. This is due to the fact that its usefulness outweighs any flaws in its design. Its non-corrosive stainless steel housing shields it from the worst that a factory, power plant, or other industrial setting can throw at it, according to its creator, who claims that it is made for usage in hazardous locations. It can function in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), and it can tolerate up to 100% humidity.

Although it’s an outstanding piece of gear, it’s undeniable that this is a basic keyboard that costs $2,500 at retail. It is also limited to Windows computers; users of Mac or Linux are not able to utilize it. Given that it is among the safest and most dependable solutions available, the iKey is likely worth the investment in a small number of industrial situations. However, even in less harsh industrial environments, the great majority of users will not find this keyboard’s extremely durable utility to be worth its exorbitant price.

7. Gresso Azimuth A1: An Opulent Fusion of Technology and Luxury

The Gresso Azimuth A1 keyboard represents extravagance for individuals who see it as more than just a tool. Gresso, a brand well-known for its opulent cell phones and accessories, has entered the premium keyboard market with the Azimuth A1.

This expensive keyboard is made from a single piece of African blackwood and has a sapphire crystal display along with polished titanium components. The polished glass keys are a wonderful addition to the Azimuth A1’s overall richness. This expensive keyboard emphasizes cordless and seamless integration into a contemporary, opulent lifestyle by connecting to gadgets via Bluetooth. Although it may work similarly to other keyboards, the Azimuth A1 stands out for its superior materials and fine craftsmanship.

8. Optimus Popularis 

The Art Lebedev studio built a number of innovative keyboards, including the Optimus Popularis, which has 77 keys with individual LCD screens that can show any character. Each of these screen keys refreshes at a minimum of 10 frames per second (fps) and has a resolution of 72 by 72 pixels. KeyboardCo complimented the Popularis’ build quality in a hands-on review, noting that it felt as high-end as a top-tier mechanical keyboard because of its combination of aluminum and plastic construction.

But at $1,100, the Popularis is more of a costly gimmick than a useful keyboard for daily use. It may be completely unnecessary to get the Popularis if you set it to a common layout like UK or US English, but that is precisely what the majority of users will require it for. For most people, programming it to show images, a clock, or any other widget will be entertaining at first, but it won’t be worth $1,000.

9. Datamancer Sojourner

The Sojourner keyboard is designed to be “reminiscent of an earlier era, when beauty and technology went hand-in-hand,” according to Datamancer. Similar to the Seafarer, which has a nautical theme, the Sojourner has a weathered brass frame that has been purposely tarnished to give it a worn appearance. To replicate the sensation of an antique typewriter, each key is encased in a metal housing, and the face plate is composed of worn brown leather. While it costs $899 less than the Seafarer, most aficionados would still feel uncomfortable paying that much for a keyboard.

This expensive keyboard has the conventional gold-standard Cherry MX switches and is designed to work with Linux and all the main operating systems. The typeface on the keyboard is the most peculiar; Datamancer refers to it as “Elizabethan.” It is incredibly squiggly, making it nearly impossible to read quickly and challenging to read up close on some keys. A little annoyance, but one that will grow on you, particularly if you’re a new user attempting to learn how to use the function keys on the keyboard.

10. Adata Golden Summoner

The Golden Summoner doesn’t seem to be mechanically any different, save for being covered in one of Earth’s most valuable metals. It appears to be a stock XPG Summoner underneath, which sells for about $150. It even looks like the usual volume roller, albeit in a much shinier form, is there in the top-right corner. Although it should be quite obvious that blinging out a $150 keyboard for an additional $9,850 is not a good bargain, it is evident that six people had more money than common sense. And now for what may be the most needlessly expensive keyboard ever produced.


Each entry in the category of expensive keyboards showcases a distinctive combination of state-of-the-art technology, handcrafted craftsmanship, and luxurious design. These expensive keyboards transcend their utilitarian duty to become emblems of status and uniqueness, from the steampunk grace of the Datamancer Diviner to the OLED brightness of the Optimus Maximus.

Although these keyboards may seem expensive to the general public, they are designed for a certain group of people: enthusiasts, collectors, and those who regard their computer setup as an expression of their own tastes and styles. These expensive keyboards are symbols of luxury, creativity, and the endless possibilities of fusing technology and art, rather than merely being devices for typing or gaming. The priciest keyboards on the planet keep pushing the envelope in the always-changing world of high-end peripherals, redefining what it means to be a “premium keyboard.”

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