9 Genuine Websites for Earning Money Online by Reading Books

Earning money online

Earning money online by reading books. Isnt that cool? Today’s technological age offers variety of opportunities to make money online, but one avenue that is frequently overlooked is reading books. This guide will walk you through the moves to transform your affection for reading into a beneficial endeavour.

Book reviewers are always in demand. According to Research, 2700 books are delivered on a regular basis.

The internet has gigantic chances to earn money. Simply look for possible open doors in your numerous areas of interest. If you enjoy reading and have a good voice that can be recorded, you might turn it into a side business and make money. One thing to recollect — this can’t be a full-time thing and it’s anything but a get-rich plan. Neither one of you will procure insane dollars however it will make you useful and mentally solid as you will be reading books of your choice from various writers.

Finding the Right Platforms

1. Researching Reputable Book Review Sites

2. Exploring eBook Marketplaces

3. Joining Online Book Clubs and Forums

Writing High-Quality Book Reviews

4. Recognizing the Components of an Effective Review

 Summarizing the Plot

 Evaluating Writing Style and Language

 Analyzing Character Development

 Commenting on Themes and Messages

5. Recognizing the Components of an Effective Review

6. Using Descriptive Language and Engaging Narratives

Building Your Online Presence

7. Creating a Personal Blog or Website

Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

Designing an Engaging Website

Writing Compelling About and Contact Pages

8. Leveraging Social Media for Book Reviews

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Engaging with the Reading Community

Monetizing Your Book Reviews

9. Exploring Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

 Joining Affiliate Programs

Incorporating Affiliate Links in Your Reviews

10. Negotiating Paid Review Requests

Setting Your Review Fee

Establishing Terms and Conditions

Engaging with Your Audience

11. Responding to Comments and Messages

12. Hosting Giveaways and Contests

Staying Consistent and Adapting to Changes

13. Creating a Content Calendar

14. Keeping Up with Industry Trends

Book Reading Websites For Earning Money Online:

Some websites and platforms where you might be able to get money by reading books are listed below: Writing engaging book reviews and producing audiobooks are two ways to achieve this.

1.Kirkus Review:

Payment: Undisclosed

Each year, more than 10,000 books are evaluated by the American publication Kirkus Review. They are mostly looking for proficient English and Spanish-speaking book reviewers. All sorts of book-length reviews are accepted there. The book is accessible online or in paperback. Just write a 350-word analysis of the chosen book within the allotted two weeks.

Send your writing samples and resume to Drapp@kirkus.com to apply.


Earning money online
Earning money online


Pay: $15 per review

Booklist is part of the American Library Association. Its reviewers assist staff members at public and school libraries in selecting books for acquisition or recommendation to library users. Booklist refers to its reviews as “the haiku of book reviewing,” asking for 150–175 word summaries that outline the plot, identify the book’s target readership, and propose related works.

How to Apply: Booklist is currently taking applications on their website.

3.Reedsy Discovery:

Payment: Tip basis.

Reading and reviewing independent writers’ books is possible on Reedsy Discovery. You can participate in a program to receive payment for your reviews. Reviewers have first access to the newest self-published books thanks to Reedsy Discovery, a major player in the independent book market. You can browse a sizable collection of brand-new stories to discover one that appeals to you. Additionally, you can contact authors if you’ve developed a reputation as a book reviewer on Reedsy Discovery.

How to Apply: With Reedsy, you can start making money online because the application process is straightforward. You only need to provide your email address, first and last name, and password to create an account. You will also be given the choice of submitting an avatar. Answer a few questions about your reading choices and the categories you want to look at after that. Include a brief bio. To boost your chances of being chosen, share links to some of your best reviews. You can submit reviews verbally or in writing.


Hourly rate or half of royalties as payment

Do you adore audiobooks and have a fantastic voice? Working with renowned authors that use ACX and need a narrator for their book presents a lucrative opportunity for professional narrators and audiobook producers.

You could enlist the assistance of other studio professionals to complete and polish your audio recording. You will receive payment once the audiobook is made available, or you will continue to receive ongoing money equal to 50% of the royalties from sales. Once you’ve produced at least 25 audiobooks, you can apply to become an Audible-approved producer.

You can earn money by persuading Audible listeners to buy your recorded books through the Bounty Referral Program.

How Apply: To get started earning money online, go to the ACX website and establish a profile. Upload a few examples of your voice acting using different dialects, genres, and styles. If you are selected by an author or rights holder, you will record an audition by reading a portion of their text for a few minutes.


Payment: Freelance basis

Reviews of books for young adults as well as adult fiction and nonfiction can be found on BookBrowse. This earning money online website focuses on novels that are not only entertaining to read, have intriguing characters, and compelling plots, but also teach the reader something new about the world. For every book they evaluate, reviewers also produce a “beyond the book” article.

How to Apply:  The application process is simple and calls for sharing two excellent reviews, along with links to additional reviews if you’d like, and a brief bio.

6.Online Book Club

Payment: $5 to $60

Beginning with a warning for all prospective book reviewers, internet Book Club’s FAQ states: “First of all, this is not some insane internet get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t become wealthy and won’t be able to quit your job.

With that ominous reminder out of the way, the setup for Online Book Club is fairly reasonable and simple. In addition to receiving a free copy of the book, you will also be compensated for your review. Additionally, it’s one of the few websites that is open about the range of payment rates (from $5 to $60).

How to apply: you do not need to submit an application or have published book review examples, unlike many other online review platforms. Due to that, new reviewers can access this website more easily.


Payment: Variable

One of the biggest online freelancing marketplaces is Upwork, and among other freelance writing jobs, you can find a tons of book review possibilities there. The client and the particular project will determine the qualifications and needs. Upwork is one of the better websites that will, tangentially, pay you to read books because it frequently can open the way to continued employment as a book reviewer.

How to Apply: register as a Freelancer on the website, list your qualifications, and provide a sample of your work. Next, look for employment and apply for the ones you desire. A client will send you a contract if they want to engage you.

8.The US Review of Books:

Pay: Undisclosed

A widely recognised monthly newsletter is produced by the nationwide organisation U.S. Review of Books, which reviews books of various genres. For a book reviewer, the process is straightforward: after a book’s title is posted, reviewers can request to read it and are then assigned to do so.

Reviewers should provide a plot summary and observations in between 250 and 300 words in their reviews. According to the site’s rules, reviews must be written with “heart and succinct writing,” without the use of first-person pronouns. The review may make comparisons between similar novels, express opinions, or go into the author’s background and earlier works.

Reviewers can choose their top choices from a list of available books. The US Review of Books anticipates receiving reviews within two to three weeks of assigning them.

How to Apply: email your CV, two professional references, and examples of your work to editor@theUSreview.com.

9.Moody Press:

Payment: Free ARCs

A nonprofit publisher of Christian books and tools for Bible study is Moody Press. You’ll surely be interested in Moody Press’ Blogger Review Programme if this is your area of expertise! You will receive complimentary copies of the book written by Moody Press as part of the programme.

You won’t get compensated for your review, unlike some of the other options on our list, but you will receive a free book in exchange. Additionally, Moody Press requests that you post a sincere review within 60 days of reading the book. 

How to Apply: Consider joining the MP Newsroom Bloggers Facebook page to get a sense of it. There, you can speak with current participants in the initiative directly.

Conclusion: You should always approach these platforms with integrity and a true love of reading even when they provide chances to interact with books and even earn prizes. Maintaining credibility with publishers, authors, and fellow readers requires deliberate and honest review writing.


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