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Ted Lasso Podcast


“Ted Lasso,” a beloved and well-regarded television series, has won over viewers worldwide with its distinct fusion of humor and endearing narrative. In addition to the show itself, it has dabbled in podcasts, giving fans a chance to delve further into the worlds of Richmond FC and their favorite characters. The podcast journey of “Ted Lasso” and how it has enhanced the fan experience will be discussed in this article.

The world has gone crazy over “Ted Lasso,” the endearing and hilarious TV comedy that Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt produced. It has a devoted fan following thanks to its charming characters, clever comedy, and motivational themes. You’re in luck if you enjoy the show and want to learn more about AFC Richmond and its endearing coach. We’ll look at the top Ted Lasso podcasts in this post, which offer smart commentary, lively debates, and an intimate behind-the-scenes peek at the beloved program.

Ted Lasso Podcasts
Ted Lasso Podcast

The Best Ted Lasso Podcast List

NBC Sports’ “Ted Lasso: The Podcast

Rebecca Lowe presents “Ted Lasso: The Podcast,” which includes guests from the entertainment and football industries and offers a special combination of in-depth program discussions and sports analysis. Featuring unique conversations with the cast and crew, this podcast offers an intimate glimpse into the creative process of “Ted Lasso.”

“LassoCast: A Ted Lasso Podcast

With its hosts, two former soccer players who are now podcast hosts, “LassoCast” offers a distinct viewpoint on all things soccer-related. With an emphasis on the sport and its portrayal in “Ted Lasso,” this podcast is a must-listen for soccer lovers and “Ted Lasso” fans alike.

“Ted Lasso After Hours

“Ted Lasso After Hours” provides a lighter discussion on the show for those who are looking for it. Sarah and Brian host this podcast, where they engage in lighthearted discussions about each episode. The hosts share their favorite parts and even derive life lessons from the endearing characters.

“The Ted Lasso Fan Podcast”

The hosts of “The Ted Lasso Fan Podcast,” Scott and Mark, offer a thorough fan experience. This podcast is the ultimate fan hub with episode summaries, character assessments, and listener Q&A sessions.

“Ted Lasso TV Talk”

The podcast “Ted Lasso TV Talk” is the one to listen to if you want a thorough examination of the humor, heart, and character dynamics of the program. It takes into account each episode and offers insightful comments and analysis, hosted by Justin and Pete.

“Ted Lasso vs. the World”

The episode “Ted Lasso vs. The World” delves deeply into the show’s themes of kindness, positivism, and personal development. Paul and Sarah host this podcast, which examines how these themes connect with listeners and provides an insightful analysis of character development.

Peanut Butter and Biscuits: A Ted Lasso Fancast

A Ted Lasso Fancast” is presented by Front Row Network. Hosted by Jeremy Goeckner and Craig McFarland, watch for an in-depth conversation about this episode.

Ted Lasso Podcasts
Ted Lasso Podcast

Jeremy Swift (as Leslie Higgins in Ted Lasso), Nick Mohammed (as Nate Shelley in Ted Lasso), Lucy Broadbent, and Jason Mewes are among the visitors who frequently join them.

“Coach Ted Lasso Podcast”

Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard on the show, presents “Coach Ted Lasso Podcast,” which offers a distinct viewpoint. Fans get an up-close and personal glimpse at the series’ creation with cameos from the actors and crew, thanks to Hunt.

“Biscuits with the Boss”

Brendan Hunt hosts “Biscuits with the Boss,” a podcast that provides a new viewpoint on “Ted Lasso.” Fans are given an intimate glimpse into the series’ creation through guest appearances by the cast and crew, thanks to Hunt’s efforts.

Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast

Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast” is brought to you by Gin + Kerosene Productions. The Ted Lasso podcast dissects the episodes, characters, and their interactions, as well as the emotions the program evokes in us. View more than 60 episodes, each lasting less than an hour.

After the Whistle with Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe

The hosts of Apple News Audio’s unofficial World Cup program, After the Whistle, were NBC Sports’ Rebecca Lowe and Ted Lasso star Brendan Hunt. With their hilarious commentary, outrageous responses, and extreme World Cup excitement, relive the games of 2022.

Ted Lasso Podcasts
Ted Lasso Podcast

Ted Lasso Podcast Journey

The success of the event served as a springboard for the “Ted Lasso” podcast. While podcast companions are a regular feature for TV shows, “Ted Lasso” adopted a different strategy. Rather than producing a conventional synopsis or behind-the-scenes audio, the creators introduced “Ted Lasso: The Podcast.” Actor Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent in the show, and writer and actor Brendan Hunt, who also plays Coach Beard, are the hosts of this podcast.

Detailed Conversations: Ted Lasso: The Podcast” is notable for its in-depth conversations concerning every episode. The hosts analyze the plots, character arcs, and pivotal scenes. They offer a better comprehension of the show’s themes, share experiences from the set, and shed light on the creative process. This format enables viewers to understand the series on a deeper level.

Cast and Crew Interviews: The “Ted Lasso” cast and crew are also invited to participate in interviews on the podcast. Through these conversations, listeners get an intimate look behind the scenes as they interact with the authors, directors, and actors who make the program possible. These discussions provided insight into the crew’s friendship and the creative process.

Fan Interaction: “Ted Lasso: The Podcast” actively interacts with the fan base of the program. A portion of the queries and remarks that listeners submit are answered in the episodes. Fans of the show feel more connected to one another and to the community when there is this amount of fan contact.

Extra Content: The podcast periodically includes supplementary content in addition to discussions of the episodes. This can include original songs for the program as well as special episodes and outtakes.

Facts About Ted Lasso Podcast

In order to gain a better grasp of this enjoyable audio experience, let’s explore some interesting facts regarding the Ted Lasso podcast.

Roy Kent and Coach Beard, themselves, as hosts: Brendan Hunt, who plays the mysterious Coach Beard in the series, and Brett Goldstein, who plays the tough and endearing Roy Kent, are the hosts of the “Ted Lasso” podcast. This dynamic pair provides listeners with an authentic and enjoyable experience by bringing their on-screen chemistry to the podcast.

Episode-by-Episode Breakdowns: The podcast’s thorough episode breakdowns are one of its best qualities. Goldstein and Hunt break down every episode, and they also share tales from the set and provide behind-the-scenes looks at character and plot development.

Cast and Crew Guest Appearances: Members of the “Ted Lasso” cast and crew are frequently featured as guests on the podcast. Interviews with actors, writers, directors, and even the show’s creators are presented to listeners, providing a distinctive and intimate glimpse into the creative process.

 Richmond’s Famous Locker Room Setting: Episodes of the podcast are frequently recorded in the famous Richmond FC locker room, which is also the location of the TV show, to give it an additional degree of realism. Fans will have a more immersive experience thanks to this setting selection.

 Interaction with the Fan Community: Each episode includes questions and comments from the fan base, which the hosts actively respond to. Fans and producers both benefit from this interaction’s sense of friendship.

Bonus Content and Surprises: The podcast occasionally treats listeners to bonus content in addition to its usual episode summaries. To keep viewers interested, bonus episodes, outtakes, and even original show music may be included.

Exploring themes beyond soccer: While soccer is the central focus of “Ted Lasso,” the podcast delves further into the show’s themes and takeaways. This is a podcast for everyone, not just fans of sports; topics covered include leadership and personal development, as well as the strength of friendship and optimism.

Dedication to the Character and the Craft: Each episode demonstrates Brett Goldstein and Brendan Hunt’s love and commitment to both their characters and the “Ted Lasso” universe. Their passion and love for the program connect with listeners and add to the podcast’s allure.

A Genuine Fan Experience: Listeners to the “Ted Lasso” Podcast get a genuine sense of being a part of the Richmond FC family. It demonstrates the artists’ dedication to their audience.


Like its people, the universe of “Ted Lasso” is rich and varied. Regardless of your level of fandom or inexperience with the program, these podcasts offer a diverse array of viewpoints, insights, and amusement. There is a podcast out there that is ideal for everyone, from optimistic and humorous people to sports fans. Now put on your headphones, hit play, and join the millions of “Ted Lasso” supporters around the world as we continue to support AFC Richmond and their unwavering coach.

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