How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023

How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023


Many users are looking for ways on How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023 but are unable to do so due to a lack of suitable guidance. The EcoATM is a sort of kiosk that has been erected in over 5,000 places around the United States to allow people to swiftly sell their cell phones or electrical devices. The EcoATM was deployed in several areas so that consumers could easily sell or recycle their outdated phones.

Ecoatm is an automated kiosk in Cyberpunk 2k77. This procedure will donate your money to the recycling of old MP3 players and cell phones. When you have enough mobile phones and MP3 players, you can pay with cash.

 In this essay, we’ll teach you how to deceive ecoatm into giving you extra money. Users can immediately sell or recycle their old phones using the EcoATM kiosk. This action does not necessitate any documentation. All users need to do is go to the kiosk, log in to their accounts, and begin giving instructions. As the EcoATM operates with the assistance of technology embedded in the kiosk, consumers consider “How To Trick EcoATM.” We realize it will be difficult for users to fool the kiosk, but it will also be entertaining for them to experiment with the processes.

The EcoATM kiosk allows users to sell or discard their old phones right away. There is no need for documentation for this action. Users only need to walk to the kiosk, log in to their accounts, and start delivering instructions. Because the EcoATM works with technology built in the kiosk, customers wonder “How To Trick EcoATM.” We understand that users will find it difficult to trick the kiosk, but we also believe that experimenting with the processes would be interesting.

How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023
How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023

What exactly is EcoATM?

EcoATM is a type of kiosk that the corporation erected so that clients may rapidly sell or recycle their old phones, computers, or other electronic devices. With the help of the technology that has been installed in it, the machine sells and recycles itself.

Within three to five minutes, the kiosk will carry out your instructions. Users who have sold or recycled their phones or devices have indicated that they were able to complete these tasks in three to five minutes.

The main goal of the EcoATM is to help the environment by recycling and selling outdated electrical waste. Since the introduction of the EcoATM, the firm has collected over 37 million electronic gadgets and is constantly collecting them. So, if you need to sell or recycle your old phone or gadget, the EcoATM will be the best and most convenient option.

Many consumers are looking for “How to Trick EcoATM” because everything is done with technology. To assist users with this uncertainty, we have included crucial information regarding “How to Trick EcoATM.” So make sure to read it.

How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023
How to Trick EcoATM to Get More Money 2023

How to trick EcoATM to get more money?

We are all familiar with the ATM concept. The ATM is used to obtain cash. Similarly, the EcoATM is intended to sell and recycle used phones and electronic devices. Everything is done with the assistance of the technology that has been installed in it.

Since every operation is carried out with the assistance of technology, there is a possibility that we humans will fool them. Many people have considered doing this in order to earn more money for their phones. Some were successful in fooling the EcoATM, while others were not. 

To fool an Eco-ATM or any other electronic device, you must first root your device in order to gain access to developer settings. After that, under the build properties, replace the information from your old device with the information from the current version of the device. That’s all there is to it! You can probably now sell it to Eco-ATM for a higher market price.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the methods to sell/recycle your electrical item, let’s go over them first.

-> Sell or recycle your electronic device

Despite the fact that this procedure is relatively straightforward to follow, some people who are unfamiliar with the operation of the Eco-ATM may find it difficult to use at times. So, in this section, we will go over the many actions you must take in order to sell/recycle your numerous electronic devices using Eco-ATM facilities. So, let’s get this party started right away:

  • Activate the Eco-ATM device.
  • Then, select/click the “Sell” option.
  • Continue by selecting the sort of equipment you want to sell and then your payment method.
  • Following that, you must indicate the condition of your equipment.

Remember: It is critical to specify the status of your gadget. It assists the machine in calculating and sending the payment amount to the vendor.

  • Then, proceed to enter information about the machine’s accessories. This will allow the machine to determine the model of the gadget and determine if it is new or old.

That’s all! Have fun selling your devices. 

How to trick EcoATM to get more money?

The strategy does not always work because the Eco-ATM standards are fairly rigorous. However, if you have an old phone and wish to sell it as a newer device in order to fool Eco-ATM into paying you more money, follow these steps:

  • Take out your old phone.
  • Now, root your smartphone and download and install root file explorer on it.
  • Then, on your device, look for the “build. prop” settings option.
  • Keep the details of the newer phone with which you will replace your older cellphone.
  • Simply replace the information in your “build. prop” settings option with that of the newer phone.
  • That’s all! Now you can sell it to the Eco-ATM machine.
  • Hopefully, your device will be approved as new, and you will receive more than you bargained for.

How Can ecoATM Know That A Phone Is Stolen?

If you are concerned about the safety of your smartphone, you can use ecoATM to track its whereabouts. Using the phone’s serial number, EcoATM assisted police in locating the stolen phone. The detection of a phone can take up to a month. The phone’s IMEI number is a more crucial aspect of identifying it; it is feasible to identify a stolen or misplaced smartphone based on its IMEI number. 

EcoATMs can trace any type of smartphone that has been stolen from a pawn shop. Before the ecoATM may be used, the user must supply their ID’ and IMEI number. Data is saved and then run through a database of stolen items, including all phones. Law enforcement is contacted if the information matches. The eco firm claims to have recovered over 3,000 phones and that one out of every 1,500 phones is reported stolen. 

Another issue with theft is that EcoATM kiosks frequently accept smartphones after they have completed 60 days from the date of release. A thief is therefore more appealing to a target than a smartphone. They frequently neglect to disclose the owner’s name and address and fail to acknowledge it. At the moment, the phone has no value as property; the burglar can only receive a maximum of $35 from it. 

Can I get a reasonable price from ecoATM?

If you’re seeking the finest option to discard all of your old smartphones and electronics and get instant cash for them, ecoATM kiosks are available nationally. You can also freely donate your phone. You can also give your MP3 players, video games, and other electrical devices. You may learn more about ecEcoATMy by visiting their official website. 

If you want to sell your old phone using the trick How to Trick Ecoatm, you can go to an ecoATM near you. EcoATM calculates the worth of your phone or other electronic gadget based on its condition and current market value. Enter your phone number, and you can get quick money. Remember that you can bring your old smartphone, chargers, phone covers, and other necessary equipment with you. The ecoATM accepts practically all types of gadgets.

EcoATM was previously a San Diego start-up company that paid its customers nearly millions of dollars. This company has already established 300+ kiosks in DFW locations across the country. However, not all ecoATMs provide fair prices, and the transaction can take several minutes to complete. You can learn more about ecoATM by visiting theirwebsite, or by following the company on Facebook or Twitter.

How Long Does an EcoATM Ban Last?

EcoATM is similar to a pawn shop in that you must input your identity verification and phone serial number. The kiosk then runs the information through a database to determine whether or not the information you supply is correct. Also, if your photo does not match the ID, you will be unable to complete the purchase. The kiosk then makes you a cash offer and returns your phone to you. This procedure can take up to two minutes.

When the checkout procedure is underway, don’t forget to provide a valid government-issued ID. EcoATM will refuse your transaction if you provide false information; therefore, you should make sure your phone is secure. 


In this article, I believe I have done well enough to provide you with numerous methods for fooling the Eco-ATM equipment into accepting additional money. You have also learned how the Eco-ATM device works. Also, what data does it collect from users attempting to sell/recycle their electrical equipment? So you’re fully aware of the numerous dos and don’ts of this strategy by now. So, at your own risk, attempt to risk selling stolen or modified products. This material is solely for educational reasons and does not condone or encourage stealing or cheating. On that note, till next time, 

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