Can you shingle over existing shingles? Thorough explanation

Can you shingle over existing shingles

Can you shingle over existing shingles?

Are you wondering can you shingle over existing shingles? It is a point that frequently ignites banter among property holders and material experts alike. Many keep thinking about whether a reasonable choice or just an easy route compromises the uprightness of their rooftops. In this article, we’ll investigate the intricate details of shingling over existing shingles, gauging the upsides and downsides to assist you with settling on an educated choice for your material task.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shingling over existing shingles is a discussed subject in the material.
  • It includes putting in new shingles straight over old ones.
  • Professionals incorporate expense and time investment funds.
  • Cons incorporate expanded weight and potential guarantee voiding.
  • Evaluate the existing rooftop condition prior to continuing.
  • Plan the rooftop by cleaning and fixing it, depending on the situation.
  • Pick great materials for the overlay.
  • Follow legitimate establishment systems.
  • Focus on security during the interaction.
  • Stay away from normal slip-ups, like overlooking hidden issues.
  • Perform standard upkeep for the life span.
  • Check legitimate and protection contemplations.
  • Look for well-qualified conclusions for direction.
  • Conclusion: Shingling over existing shingles can be reasonable with legitimate appraisal and adherence to rules.

Grasping the Interaction

Shingling over existing shingles, otherwise called re-material or overlaying, includes introducing another layer of shingles straight over the old ones. This cycle can set aside time and cash compared with a complete rooftop substitution since it disposes of the need to eliminate the existing shingles.

Can you shingle over existing shingles
Can you shingle over existing shingles

Can you shingle over existing shingles?


One of the essential advantages of shingling over existing shingles is the expense viability and efficiency it offers. By bypassing the evacuation interaction, mortgage holders can significantly decrease work costs and abbreviate the establishment time.


Nonetheless, there are disadvantages to consider. Adding one more layer of shingles builds the load on the rooftop, which could strain the basic construction, particularly assuming the rooftop is now maturing. Also, shingling over existing shingles might void the guarantee given by shingle producers.

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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Shingles on Top of Shingles

Unquestionably, here are a few motivations behind why mortgage holders might decide not to shingle over existing shingles:

Primary Uprightness Concerns: 

Adding one more layer of shingles expands the load on the rooftop, possibly stressing the fundamental design, particularly on the off chance that the rooftop is maturing or currently split.

Voiding on Guarantee: 

Many shingle makers determine in their guarantee terms that overlaying existing shingles can void the guarantee. This implies property holders might lose coverage for any future issues with the rooftop.

Secret Issues: 

Overlaying existing shingles can cover basic issues like decay, spills, or damaged decking. Disregarding these issues can prompt more significant issues over the long haul.

Limited Inspection Access: 

Overlaying existing shingles makes it challenging to review the hidden rooftop structure for potential issues, for example, wood decay, bug invasion, or shape development. Recognizing and resolving these issues turns out to be more difficult with various layers of shingles set up.

Can you shingle over existing shingles
Can you shingle over existing shingles

Uplifted Fire Hazard:

 Different layers of shingles can expand the fire risk to the home. In the event of a fire, the extra layers can add more fuel to the flares and make it harder for firefighters to quench the burst. This elevated fire hazard might present wellbeing worries for property holders and their families.

Diminished life expectancy: 

Shingling over existing shingles might decrease the life expectancy of the new shingles. The additional intensity and dampness caught between layers can speed up weakening and reduce sturdiness.

Aesthetics and Property:

Numerous layers of shingles can bring about a knotty or lopsided appearance, diminishing the allure of the home. Furthermore, potential purchasers might see numerous layers as an indication of conceded upkeep, influencing the property’s estimation.

Building Code Compliance: 

A few building regulations and guidelines might limit or forbid the act of shingling over existing shingles. Mortgage holders might have to deal with fines or damages for rebelliousness.

Establishment Difficulties: 

Overlaying existing shingles presents difficulties during establishment, for example, guaranteeing appropriate arrangement and grip of the new shingles. Inappropriate establishments can prompt holes, water harm, and untimely rooftop disappointment.

Taking into account these reasons, property holders ought to painstakingly gauge the advantages and disadvantages prior to choosing whether to shingle over existing shingles or settle on a total rooftop substitution.

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Things You Should Know Before Shingling Over Existing Shingles

  • Evaluation of Existing Rooftop

Prior to continuing with shingling over existing shingles, evaluating the state of the ongoing roof is vital. Examine for indications of harm, like breaks, decay, or drooping regions. Guarantee that the rooftop design can uphold the extra weight of one more layer of shingles.

  • Readiness Steps

Set up the existing rooftop by completely cleaning it to eliminate flotsam, jetsam, and soil. Fix any damaged regions or jutting nails to make a smooth surface for the new shingles to stick to.

  • Picking the Right Materials

Choosing great shingles is fundamental to an effective overlay. Pick shingles that supplement the existing ones in terms of style and solidity. Talk with a material expert to decide the best materials for your particular requirements.

  • Installation Process

The establishment interaction includes laying the new shingles over the existing ones using a suitable clasp. Keep producer rules and guarantee legitimate arrangements and fixing to forestall breaks and water harm.

  • Security Measures

Wellbeing ought to constantly be a first concern during rooftop work. Wear protective gear, for example, gloves, security glasses, and non-slip footwear. Use alert while working at levels, and abstain from dealing with the rooftop during harsh weather conditions.

  • Normal Errors to Stay Away from

Stay away from normal traps, for example, failing to resolve hidden issues with the existing rooftop or going astray from producer suggestions. Compromising during establishment can prompt exorbitant fixes down the line.

  • Quality Affirmation

Play out an intensive investigation after establishment to guarantee the shingles are appropriately adjusted and gotten. Address any disparities expeditiously to keep up with the respectability of the rooftop.

  • Upkeep Tips

Normal upkeep is vital to delaying the life expectancy of a rooftop shingled over existing shingles. Keep drains perfect, trim overhanging branches, and examine for indications of harm or wear intermittently.

  • Lawful and Protection Contemplations

Prior to continuing with shingling over existing shingles, check nearby construction standards and guidelines to guarantee consistency. Furthermore, audit your insurance contract to comprehend coverage impediments and necessities connected with re-material.

  • Expert Opinions

Look for exhortations from material experts to evaluate the practicality of shingling over existing shingles for your particular circumstance. Experienced workers for hire can provide significant bits of knowledge and proposals in view of their mastery.


Can you shingle over existing shingles and save money?

Indeed, shingling over existing shingles can set aside cash by decreasing work costs related to eliminating old shingles.

Can you shingle over existing shingles without voiding my guarantee?

It’s conceivable. Check with your shingle producer and material expert to figure out guarantee suggestions.

How do I know if my rooftop is appropriate for shingling over existing shingles?

Have an expert examination to survey the underlying honesty and weight-bearing limit of your rooftop.

What happens if I disregard fundamental issues with my existing rooftop?

Disregarding basic issues can prompt further harm and compromise the respectability of the new shingles.

Is it important to clean my drains after shingling over existing shingles?

Indeed, keeping up with clean drains forestalls water development and drags out the life expectancy of your rooftop.


In conclusion, shingling over existing shingles can be a suitable choice under the right conditions. By gauging the upsides and downsides, evaluating the state of the existing rooftop, and following legitimate establishment and upkeep conventions, mortgage holders can accomplish a sturdy and financially savvy material arrangement.

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